Created May 29, 2015

M. Reese

Society is much greater than the sum of its part-icipants. more

I am a Political Science Major and Sociology Minor at the University of Missouri Kansas City. I will graduate this December 2015. I love Politics and the idea that the political system can work to help people even when the voice used is not their own.
When can we get back to the principles of Roger Williams who advocated for the separation of church and state so adamantly that he was shunned from his colony and started the colony of Rhode Island that allowed everyone to become active members. This is what our founding fathers fought against and fought so hard to get onto the shores of America for was the oppression of a state that mandated a religion or religious ideas. America was to become a place for all ideas and all people to be free and become the best human beings they could possible.


Shows The Rachel Maddow Show, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

People Melissa Harris-Perry, Steve Kornacki, Patrick J. Murphy

Issues LGBT, Election 2016